Crafted Exclusively for You

The external papers are made with renewable resources such as Japanese Washi paper or Nepalese Lokta paper, both made from plants that renew themselves within a couple of years as opposed to decades with wood pulp books. The outside cover is soft as is the tradition with Stab-bound books and the internal writing paper is a fine artisan grade. It is perfect for sketching; fountain pen use yet at the same time is acid free, chlorine free and 30% post consumer recycled.

Inside each book you will find an insert detailing the history of the ancient Stab-binding style and a description of the specific cover papers you've chosen. Be it the Washi paper, Lama-Li Lokta paper or Momi paper.

Our hope is that these journals enrich your life in the following ways:

  • deepen your insight and illuminate your dreams
  • explore your imagination and the world around you
  • catalogue your adventures into the known and unknown

 ::: Enjoy pouring your life into your Irrobat Books ::: 

Our unique journals are individually hand-crafted right here in San Diego, California, by the book artist Alexandra, who has made thousands of artisanal journals since 2003. Using binding techniques from China and Japan that date back over a thousand years to the Heian period and Tang dynasty, each book is handmade , and is made keeping our fragile environment in mind. 


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