Irrobat books are traditional, hand-sewn Japanese-style journals using techniques honed over the centuries in Kyoto, the paper-art capitol of Japan.  Unique little journals made in the Japanese style of bookbinding called Tetsuyosu (the art of the hand-sewn book) we use papers imported from Japan, Nepal, Tibet and Thailand, as well as interesting recycled papers from tourist maps to geography posters. 

Carefully folded, pressed and sewn, your Irrobat book will be your constant companion, and will hold your innermost thoughts, observations and musings within a resilient and durable form. Its gorgeous cover and soft internal paper will inspire you to new heights of thought and creation, and will be enjoyed for many years wherever your adventures take you.

  • ​We use recycled and renewable resource papers and materials to make our books and jewelry.
  • We use Japanese washi, kozo, and unryu, made with various traditional shurbs including the kozo mulberry bush.
  • From Nepal we bring Lokta paper, made from the Daphne bush, a quick-growing plant found throughout the Himalayas and across East Asia.
  • Thailand brings us Momigami and garden papers, with plant fibers ranging from kozo and bamboo, to banana leaf and recycled cotton.

Ideas for:

  • Artistic Expression
  • Journalism
  • Gifts
  • Decorating your home, office, or place of business
  • Photo Album
  • Children's picture books
  • Keepsake
  • Drawings, Doodles, Sketches
  • Wedding or Engagement Album

​But more than simply carrying on ancient ways, Irrobat Books brings paper and binding styles, patterns, and traditions from all over the world, creating new styles and forms that use the best of the old to create unique and beautiful celebrations of our global cultural heritage.

Inspired by ancient voyages and spiritual journies, the creations of Irrobat range from hand-sewn journals and travel books to jewelry crafted from raw gemstones and literary treasures from across the ages.

Handmade Books & Journals. One of a Kind Jewelry