Chinese Calligraphy Journals

Each of our Chinese Calligraphy journals feature a unique, hand painted piece from our master Taiwanese calligrapher, as well as either cover tie or washi bead bookmark. We can also craft a unique Chinese name and calligraphy for your store or business. 

Artisanal Journals

Our Artisanal journals are 8 ½" × 8½", larger than the standard journal, and feature multiple paper types, as well as other unique features, such as innovative, complex binding patterns, as well as found art, such as Tibetan prayer flags.

Ordering Info (Full Order)
12 - Washi Journals
12 - Lokta Journals
12 - Thai Journals
12 - Chinese Calligraphy
6 - Artisanal Books

Half Orders are Avaliable

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