There are few things we enjoy more than sharing tea on quiet evenings, and writing out our thoughts and ideas in our journals and travel books.

For the past two decades, Lambert has used his knowledge of traditional Chinese language and culture to share hand-crafted teas from the central mountain valleys of Taiwan, a region so perfectly suited for growing tea that it seems to have been purpose-built for the task.  Situated in the center of the island, the Nantou region boasts more famous tea-growing mountains than practically every other region of Earth combined, with a particular focus on Wulong (Oolong) teas in every shade of the spectrum, from green and herbaceous to smoky and dark, like fine caramel.

Naturally, the preferred method of preparation is traditional Chinese tea ceremony, or Gongfu Cha, which focuses on brewing the tea in the way most suited to bring out the most delicious and subtle properties of each tea.  With different teas fresh or particular to each season, please contact us or stop by the booth for a current list of offerings.

From the mist-shrouded slopes of Taiwan's mountain-top valleys...